From rural livelihoods to agricultural growth: The land policies of the UK Department of International Development

February 2009
Lies Craeynest (Transnational Institute Land Policy Series 4)

Examines the policies and practices on land of the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID). While DFID’s approach to land reform in the 1980s reflected the dictates of modernisation, formal registration and market-led distribution of land of the IFIs, this was followed 1997-2002 by a period where changes were made to move in the direction of a rights-based approach. After these 5 years, DFID’s central capacity on land policy was reduced substantially, which allowed the return of the market-based thinking, though now framed in the language of economic growth and good governance. Looks at DFID’s programmatic support for work on land issues. Has a data analysis of the overall funding, changes in funding levels, focus countries and different emphases of DFID ́s in-country work. Concludes with specific recommendations for activists and researchers.