Follow-Up Discussions on Land Reform in South Africa: A Report on Prospects for Dialogue

September 2003
Land Reform ’Think Tank’ Group

In March 2003 a group of land reform practitioners and researchers met informally to discuss the state of land reform in Southern Africa and to explore ideas about constructive ways forward. Following this, in late June 2003 a number of participants from the ‘think-tank’ workshop held discussions with various stakeholders in South Africa to get feedback on the report and to identify their views, with a desire to encourage debate and contribute to the building of greater consensus on the importance of meaningful, sustainable land reform. The spirit of the meetings was encouraging about the prospects for serious debate, notwithstanding the very different points of view on what equitable and sustainable land reform means in different constituencies. This report presents a summary of the discussions, states who was involved in them and summarises areas of agreement and disagreement, and areas for constructive debate and provides the names of five people who can be contacted in their personal capacities.