Final Report of the Presidential Advisory Panel on Land Reform and Agriculture

May 2019
Advisory Panel on Land Reform and Agriculture

Covers: background; vision and driving agenda: land reform for what?; the context; refocusing land reform; summary of views regarding expropriation without compensation; the panel’s recommendations for immediate action, to refocus land reform policy, and towards a consolidated land reform policy framework; critical success factors; and areas of panel disagreement. The Panel’s view is that swift action for policy certainty is key, with improved governance, anti-corruption and transparency. Prioritising state capability and skills development across the board is important. The proposed shifts in property structure and land acquisition strategies open possibilities for inclusive development and maximise opportunities for a diversified industrial base. This accommodates new players and encourages more labour-absorbing activities with empowerment of women, youth and people with disabilities. The proposals push for planning approaches that enhance rural urban linkages, and a space economy that integrates living and work critical for inclusive growth. Not surprisingly, the report has provoked a variety of strong responses in South Africa.