Country Portfolio for Zambia

November 2017
Land Portal (Andrew Chilombo)

Under the 1995 Land Act, all land has been vested in the President, who holds it in perpetuity on behalf of the Zambian people. Yet customary land rights are recognized by the Act and several new initiatives aim at documenting these land rights to ensure tenure security for communities across the country. Provides a detailed overview of land legislation and regulations, land tenure classifications, land use trends, land investment and women’s land rights. Argues that in the wake of an insatiable socio-economic demand for land, Zambia’s land governance is plagued with ungoverned land allocations and corruption. Offers free access to a wide range of datasets, publications, and other land-related content, visualizes data from a variety of land-related indicators, enabling the cross-country comparisons on maps, infographics and tables, and showcases user-friendly infographics.