Children’s Property and Inheritance Rights, HIV and Aids, and Social Protection in Southern and Eastern Africa

November 2007
Laurel L. Rose (FAO HIV/AIDS Programme Working Paper 2)

Focuses on the social protection aspects of children’s property and inheritance rights in southern and eastern Africa. Discusses the relationship between HIV and AIDS and agriculture, food security, and rural livelihoods (including children’s property and inheritance rights). Considers factors that render children’s property rights more vulnerable than adults’ property rights. Reviews literature on social protection of children, emphasizing historical developments, types of child social protection, and recipients and providers of child social protection. Presents a rights’ framework for the social protection of children and assesses children’s social protection and property/inheritance rights in the context of international agreements and national instruments, including National Plans of Action, as well as succession and land laws. Presents and analyses several case studies of programmes concerned with children’s property and inheritance rights and social protection issues in Southern and Eastern Africa. Offers recommendations regarding priority policy and programmatic areas for children’s property rights and social protection in the context of HIV and AIDS.