Browsing on fences. Pastoral land rights, livelihoods and adaptation to climate chan

May 2008
Michele Nori, Michael Taylor and Alessandra Sensi (IIED Drylands Issue Paper 148)

This paper developed from an articulated process to address the rights to land of pastoral groups, within a holistic perspective and accounting for changes brought about by climate change. It brings together the inputs made by over 120 participants in a web-based forum organised in 2006 and managed by the International Land Coalition on pastoral land rights. Further materials and lessons have been drawn from a number of projects and experiences all around the world, in order to provide a comprehensive update about the rights of nomadic and pastoralist groups and natural resources. Elements for discussion have also been contributed by another web-based forum organised by the World Initiative for Sustainable Pastoralism in 2007, focusing on climate change, adaptation and pastoralism, which received contributions from more than 80 participants belonging to or working with pastoral groups in different regions of the world.