Mid-term Review of the LAND-at-scale programme

RVO, Global

This Mid-Term Review (MTR) was carried out for the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) which is implementing LAND-at-scale (LAS) for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). The objectives of the MTR were to provide insights into the extent to which the LAS approach and activities in the period 2019-2023 contributed to the programme’s overall objective – to contribute to improved livelihoods due to just, inclusive and sustainable land governance-related structural changes in lower- and middle-income countries/regions/landscapes in Africa, Asia and Latin America – and assess the LAS proof-of-concept as MFA considers a second phase of the programme.

The LAS programme is active in 12 countries with an initial budget of EUR 37.5 million, and contributes to the Netherlands policy agenda on tenure security as a foundation for achieving a range of Sustainable Development Goals. The review by the Mokoro team included an in-depth literature review, 10 desk-based country case studies, two in-person country case studies in Burundi and the Palestinian Territories, interviews with global level stakeholders including RVO and MFA staff and thematic experts.

The Mokoro team leader and gender specialist attended the LAS Exchange in Utrecht, Netherlands in August 2023, where they met project implementing partners, before presenting preliminary findings to senior RVO and MFA officers. The MTR found that there was ample proof-of-concept, the LAS offering an innovative approach to supporting land governance work in different contexts. RVO have since indicated that the MFA has requested a Phase Two of LAS to be developed, supported by the MTR findings.

The people behind the project

Project leader: Christopher Tanner

Principal Consultant

Principal Consultant

Principal Consultant


Jacques Cyabuhiro, Johanna Jelensperger, Amer Madi, Muriel Visser (Quality Support)