Knowledge and research for nutrition mid-term review

Nutrition Research Facility, Global

Mokoro in collaboration with NutritionWorks conducted the Mid-term Review of the European Union’s Nutrition Research Facility (NRF). The NRF project involves the collaboration of five institutions within the Agrinatura European Economic Interest Grouping, led by the University of Ghent in partnership with the University of Greenwich (Natural Resources Institute), Agropolis International, the French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development, and Universidade de Lisboa.

The overarching goal of the NRF is to enhance the capacity of decision-makers to develop evidence-based policies and programmes that yield improved nutrition outcomes. This is pursued through two key outcome objectives:

  1. Improved connection, collaboration, communication and coordination between research and decision-making;
  2. Strengthened M&E system (including capacities) for tracking nutrition benefits of policies and programmes at field level.

The Mid-term Review was conducted with a predominant focus on formative evaluation and learning, but also incorporated elements of accountability. The MTR also had a forward-looking dimension, offering recommendations for the No Cost Extension approach and necessary revisions.

The Mid-Term Review highlights the NRF’s contributions to the prioritisation of applied research and developing a network of stakeholders at country level for possible engagement. However, there is a need to address challenges in implementation efficiency, network leverage and monitoring and evaluation impact to ensure the project effectively supports evidence-informed nutrition policies and programmes. Furthermore, the review highlights the need to prioritise dissemination and communication in the remaining time period.

Mokoro awaits publication of the final report.

The people behind the project

Project leader: Jane Keylock

Principal Consultant and Director

Muriel Visser (Quality Support)