UNICEF Zambia Country Programme Evaluation

UNICEF, Zambia

A Mokoro team, led by Matthew Smith, conducted a formative evaluation of the Government of the Republic of Zambia – UNICEF Country Programme of Cooperation from January 2016 to June 2020. The evaluation assessed UNICEF’s performance and drew lessons and recommendations to improve the overall development effectiveness of UNICEF to deliver on its mandate. The evaluation was national in scope, with the emphasis on the strategic level of operation and, specifically, on assessing performance at outcome level.

This country programme evaluation was a theory-based mixed-methods evaluation and combined secondary data with primary data obtained through key informant interviews and group discussions. The entire evaluation was conducted remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The evaluation adopted an iterative and consultative process that facilitated stakeholder engagement and feedback, including a presentation with UNICEF staff to share and validate emerging finding, conclusions and recommendations.

As well as the final evaluation report, the Mokoro team produced an evaluation summary poster, to aid UNICEF Zambia in disseminating the findings of the evaluation to a wider group of stakeholders.


The photograph illustrating this project was taken by Andrew Moore, and is published under a creative commons license.  The original photograph is available on Flickr.

The people behind the project

Project leader: Matthew Smith

Principal Consultant

Principal Consultant


Sue Newport, Chitanda Kumwenda (Muthengo DS), Munyongo Lumba (Muthengo DS)