Global evaluation of UNICEF’s upstream engagement in education

UNICEF, Global

Mokoro provided a team to undertake a global evaluation of UNICEF’s upstream work in basic education and gender equality programmes.

‘Upstream’ refers to policy development and advocacy efforts preceding implementation of policies, programmes, projects. At the global level, upstream education work includes engaging with partner organisations to create policy agendas relating to poverty alleviation, climate change, cultural identity, etc. In a local context, the work relates to the creation of medium or long term sector policies with the Government’s external partners, as well as mobilising funding sources, proper allocation of budgets and the strengthening of national capacities to prepare national policies and programmes.

The purpose of the evaluation was to examine UNICEF’s contribution in ‘upstream’ work in education and to assess the extent to which they engaged strategically in education sector policy articulation and advocacy at the global and regional levels. The evaluation was also to be used as a tool to highlight the effects and impacts of the upstream work in education by UNICEF, and to decipher whether the efforts made created the desired outcomes.

The people behind the project

Project leader: Alta Folscher

Principal Consultant and Director

Principal Consultant

Principal Consultant

Associate Consultant

Anthea Gordon

Principal Consultant


Principal Consultant

Principal Consultant

Anna Haas, George Taylor, John Kruger, Janet Geddes, Masooda Bano