Evaluation of the Country Strategic Plan Pilots

WFP, Multi country

In January 2018, Mokoro began work on another large multi-country evaluation for WFP. The strategic evaluation of WFP’s pilot Country Strategic Plans (CSPs) was designed to assess the quality of results of WFP’s implementation of a new strategic direction related to country strategic planning. Stephen Turner led a large Mokoro team as a co-team leader along with WFP’s own senior evaluation consultant Mike Reynolds.

WFP’s policy on CSPs is one of four components of its overall strategic plan – the Integrated Road Map (IRM). Country Strategic Plans will be WFP’s strategic, programmatic and governance instrument in a country for a period of up to five years. The framework aims to facilitate implementation of results-focused portfolios comprising activities that address humanitarian and development needs.

The evaluation team were tasked with measuring the progress of the intended organisational change set out in the CSP policy. The assignment kicked off in Rome with an initial briefing session in January. This allowed the team to begin formulating their approach, which included the design of a survey to be administered to selected WFP informants at global, regional and country levels. The survey proved to be a valuable tool during the data collection phase with a high rate of response. Desk and fieldwork studies ran in parallel to the survey with visits to Ecuador, El Salvador, Panama, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh and Indonesia. Evidence from the online survey, desk studies and extensive country and Regional Bureau visits provided the team with the data needed to make an assessment of WFP’s CSP progress and its wider place within WFP’s strategic direction under the Integrated Road Map.

The people behind the project

Project leader: Stephen Turner

Principal Consultant and Director

Principal Consultant

Principal Consultant and Director

Research Officer

Nick Maunder, Ruwan de Mel, Javier Pereira

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