Piloting the Framework for Financial Benchmarking for Child Protection

UNICEF, Indonesia

This assignment built on Mokoro’s earlier work developing a framework for a financial benchmark for child protection (CP). Mokoro provided a team to pilot the framework for a financial benchmark for CP in Indonesia and develop a manual detailing the precise methodology for a global roll-out. Financial benchmarking is critical in the reform of child protection as it provides a measurement of expenditure on CP across countries, as well as indicating the adequacy of this expenditure. This framework therefore represented a shift in CP towards capitalising on all resources available to countries in their bid to reduce abuse and violence towards children.

The necessity of UNICEF’s Benchmarking proposal has arisen due to numerous problems associated with collecting CP data across multiple public and private sector resources. The objective for Mokoro’s team, therefore, was to test the methodology set out in the paper ‘A Financial Benchmark for Child Protection’ and subsequently develop a manual on the findings with the scope for a global roll-out.

The people behind the project

Project leader: Alta Fölsher

Principal Consultant

Stephanie Allan, Andhika Maulana and Halim Akbar