Roman Moges Asefaha

Associate Consultant

Roman Moges Asefaha is a Rural Development and Gender Specialist who has been involved for over 20 years in the area of development, particularly project management. Her expertise includes project planning, monitoring and evaluation, organizing and leading participatory project identification and formulation exercises, institutionalizing gender aspects, organizing surveys and facilitating capacity building trainings. She has considerable experience working with both government and non-governmental organizations in the sectors of Economic Development, Agriculture, Food Security, Good Governance, Environment and Gender.

Representing Caritas International Belgium, she has coordinated the design and implementation of shelter and livelihood projects for communities affected by typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Currently, as an associate consultant, she is team member of Mokoro’s action-oriented research project on Women’s Land Tenure Security (WOLTS). She has worked for a variety of international and bilateral institutions including Caritas International Belgium, Irish-Aid Ethiopia, and UNICEF Ethiopia. Roman has Asian and African level experience in facilitating program designs in a gender-mainstreamed manner.