Mokoro at the World Bank Land Conference

  • 27 February 2019

Mokoro are looking forward to attending the World Bank’s 20th Annual Conference on Land and Poverty. Mokoro Principal Consultant, Elizabeth Daley, will be attending with Yansanjav Narangerel, from our WOLTS partner organisation, People Centered Conservation (PCC). A paper by Elizabeth, Narangerel and Zoe Driscoll, sharing findings from the WOLTS project’s latest research on gender, land, mining and pastoralism in Mongolia, will be presented at the Conference. Jim Grabham, Mokoro’s Research Officer, will also be presenting results from an impact evaluation of the Land Tenure Regularisation Programme in Rwanda, which a Mokoro team, led by Stephen Turner, have recently been conducting in partnership with Oxford Policy Management.

The Impacts of land tenure regularisation programme in Rwanda‘ presented by Jim Grabham will be in the session ‘Evaluating impacts of land tenure interventions II’ on Tuesday 26 March at 8.30 am.

New research about gender, land and mining in Mongolia: deepening understanding of coping strategies in pastoral communities’ will be presented in the session ‘Gender impacts of large-scale investment’ on Tuesday 26 March at 3.45 pm.

Details about the conference can be found here. The agenda can be found here.